Sarah Aphrodite is an innovative and intuitive fashion brand.

The brand is alive with a focus on belts and wildly inspired accessories 

Sarah Aphrodite is a mix between high fashion and streetwear.

The pieces are handmade and one of a kind. The brand utilizes a vast collection of fabrics that are hand picked from all over the world and they recycle existing and antique goods mixed with new materials.

Maintaining a vegan diet and in love with the animal kingdom Sarah doesn't use any fur or leather unless specifically donated. The brand is striving to become a totally vegan brand and ideally only utilizes organic fabrics and participate in sustainable production practices.

Born in 1979 in The Hague, The Netherlands, Sarah graduated from the fashion department of  ARTEZ , the academy of art and design in Arnhem The Netherlands.

After graduating in 2006 she moved to New York City and taught fashion design at Parsons the new school for design and worked for fashion designer and artist Susan Cianciolo for several years before she started building her own brand. 

She is currently based in Northampton, Massachusetts